uphill climb iconfishing iconscenic overviewphotographic overviewSTATE LINE TRAIL #738

Hoodoo Pass to North Fork of Fish Creek #103

Hike Distance: 3 to 6 miles

Hike Time:  2 to 7 hours

Elevation Gain: 1300 ft

Difficulty: Moderate

Travel Time to Trailhead: 1 hour from Superior


This is an extremely scenic hike along the ridgeline between Montana and Idaho with amazing overlooks along the entire hike including birds eye views of Hidden, Hoodoo and Heart Lakes.  Can also be done as a full day hike descending into Dalton Lake and coming out at the lower Heart Lake trailhead.  Very aromatic and spectacular when in bloom with wild flowers.

Trail Overview:

This is a 7.2 mile segment of the State Line trail following the bitterroot divide, in a section of the proposed Great Burn Wilderness Area which for now has been designated a non-motorized vehicle area by the U.S.F.S. In 1908, the newly formed Forest Service constructed this trail as there first in this area.

The Native Americans traveled this route in search of the White Bark Pine Nuts and other food sources as many as 3500 years ago. The early day miners also traveled this route as they scurried from the gold strike at Moose City Id. To the new, strike on Cedar Cr. Mt. in 1869.

The 1910, fire burned this area leaving it almost void of timber therefore providing spectacular views form almost every step of this trail, including eight glacial lakes located in the basins a few hundred feet below the divide.

Dalton Lake - Raymond Gardner    

Getting There:

From Superior go under the I-90 overpass,turn left on Diamond Rd, heading east, you will continue on this road to the top. At 6 miles the asphalt ends, at this point it becomes Trout Creek Rd. Continue up 14.1 miles and you will see the Heart Lake Trailhead on your left, there is parking on the right. Ideally it would be best to leave a car at this location to hike down to from the top. Continue up to the top of the pass another 4.5 miles. Hoodoo Pass Trailhead for State Line Trail No. 738 is on the left. There is room for plenty of parking, a loading dock and hitching rail. This is a good two lane gravel road but watch for wash boarding.This road continues into Idaho.

Approximately 1 hour driving time from Superior with a total of 24.6 miles.

Points of Interest - Hoodoo Pass to Fish Creek

# Mile Time Description Elev Latitude N Longitude W
1. 0.0 0:00 Hoodoo Pass Trailhead. 6,000 50,083 04,304
2. 0.9 0:16 Trail leaves jeep road to the right.      
3. 1.2 0:26 Saddle above Hoodoo Lake. 6442 51,455 04,116
4. 2.9 1:17 Saddle above Hidden Lake. 6552 52,969 02,285
5. 3.2 1:24 Heart Lake Trail #171 to the left for a view of Pearl Lake. 6,721 53,210 01,786
6. 3.6 1:34

Peak above Heart Lake. Old stone fire ring & stone marker.

View of both Heart & Pearl Lakes.

6912 53,323 01,499
7. 3.8 1:37 Snags in rock outcrop State Line marker.      
    2:15 Saddle above Heart Lake.      
8. 4.8 2:45

Trail # 620w to the right.goes down to Dalton,

Pearl, & Heart Lakes.  Pearl Lake view from ridge.

7104 54,960 00,298
      Large stump right of trail.      
    2:58 View of two of the Trio Lakes.      
9. 5.5 3:05

High point at Goose Ridge. Divide Ridge & Trail goes left.

Goose Ridge Trail is straight ahead.

7270 55,284 00,996
10. 7.2 3:45 North Fork Fish Creek Trail #102 in Goose Saddle above Goose Lake. 5878    
11. 7.4 3:50 Goose Lake, camping, no fish. 5832 57,127 57,127